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An Easy, Direct Method of Answering TOEFL iBT Independent Writing Tasks

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You’re sitting behind the pc screen, and also the TOEFL iBT independent writing prompt flashes before you: “What is an essential characteristic inside a co-worker?” You’re told you have half an hour to obviously and coherently answer the issue. Your palms are sweaty, as well as your heart is pounding while you watch time hurriedly tick lower while you anxiously consider how you can start your essay: thump, thump, thump. How would you answer this inside the half hour time constraint?

Frequently overlooked by many people test-takers but always revered through the TOEFL iBT human raters who score your written response, restating the writing prompt inside your thesis guarantees that you simply directly answer the issue. For instance, for the writing prompt pointed out within the first paragraph, you’ll produce a thesis resembling the next: “The most crucial sign of a co-worker is “honesty” due to reason A, reason B, and reason C. Obviously, you don’t have to select honesty you may choose anything you think is a vital characteristic. However, since now you ask , suggesting that you discuss one characteristic, you shouldn’t discuss several. You’ll put your thesis statement close to the finish from the first paragraph that is preceded by a few general and much more specific statements concerning the subject. Aim for a 50-100 word introduction prior to getting towards the body sentences of the response.

When you are towards the body sentences, you need to create arguable subject sentences which restate among the tips pointed out inside your thesis.

Body Paragraph 1: To begin with, honesty is a vital quality in co-worker since… condition reason A

Body Paragraph 2: Secondly, additionally to reason A, a co-worker ought to be honest… condition reason B

Body Paragraph 3: Finally, a co-worker who’s honest… condition reason C, will…

Notice the way the subject sentences in your body sentences are arguable assertions or claims the writing is making concerning the subject. The author, supplying sufficient supporting details, will have to defend these assertions. Furthermore, observe each subject sentence is developing among the points forecast within the thesis within the first paragraph. Finally, focus on different sentence styles utilized in each subject sentence. By different your grammar in every subject sentence, you’re demonstrating towards the TOEFL iBT human raters who score your essay that you’ve a understanding of both fundamental and sophisticated grammar structures. Aim for 50-100 words in every of the body sentences and make certain that the three sentences have similar word lengths.

If you’re able to write the introduction and the entire body sentences, writing a conclusion won’t be difficult as it is just a recap or review of that which you stated. Typically, you are able to finish the essay by stating, “Due to these reasons…”, ensuring that you don’t mention any new information. Aim for 25-50 words within the conclusion.

It would be imperative to have a 托福写作 review for improving your writing score. Most people would be repeatedly making the same mistakes that could hamper their chances of enhancing TOEFL writing score, lest they receive sufficient feedback.