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Obtain green card status before studying abroad

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If you get a green card status before you study abroad, your child can be exempted from visa requests, and you can ask for various types of students to borrow money, reduce the burden, and enjoy more scholarships and employment opportunities. In general, American immigrants have a considerable help in their children’s education.

First, increase the chances of attending a famous school. The children of permanent residents of the country who have obtained the US immigration green card will enjoy equal education with the residents of the United States. The opportunity to study in a famous American school is greater than that of the students. Ordinary prestigious universities, each year’s international students enrolled less than one-tenth of the total number of students, and because of the world-wide competition, the competition is fierce. For example, Harvard University will leave the number of permanent residents or citizens to the country. Therefore, after the successful immigration in the United States, you can greatly improve the chances of your child going to a famous American university. Second, tuition exemption. All primary and secondary schools in the United States conduct and implement compulsory education in all aspects, that is, students do not need to pay any fees. In the United States, the tuition fees of foreign students in other countries are much higher than those of foreign residents in the United States. Children who go to the United States for four years of study have a minimum requirement of several million yuan, but the cost of local students is only one-third of international students, and local students can also receive scholarships. Third, you can stay in the United States to work. Under normal circumstances, after completing the study in the United States, international students must first solve the identity problem. American F-1 students can apply for opt (also known as opt申请) after graduation. Assuming that OPT has not been obtained for some time after graduation, it must leave the United States. American immigrant children do not need to worry about this. After obtaining a green card, they can legally settle in the United States for work or continuous study.

However, the application of the green card is not so easy, the process is more complicated, and the green card schedule (also known as 绿卡排期) is also very long. Everyone needs to pay attention to the immigration schedule (also known as 移民排期), so many people choose immigration law firms to help them apply for green cards. There are many kinds of immigration law firms, such as Green Card Legal, NYIS Law Firm (also known as纽约小纽律师事务所), etc. You can analyze the quality of each law firm according to the online immigration law firm evaluation (also known as 移民律所测评), or find out in mitbbs eb23 evaluation of immigration law firm. Out of the advantages and disadvantages of each law firm.